Did racist, anti white America President Barack Hussein Obama hand pick Eric Shinseki, a Japanese American, to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs so he’d revenge US for dropping atom bomb on Hiroshima?



PASC-did_4b1m1_1pp43nt_sh2nc2k3From the evidence it becomes abundantly clear that this situation, neglet of our Veterans and the hospitals that are suppose to be taking care of them not doing it, is precisely what Obama wanted when he appointed this third generation Hiroshima sympathizer Shinseki to office. But for Obama’s darkest desire: to hurt white America and our country it goes deeper.

Obama’s nomination of this this third generation certainly Hiroshima sympathizer most likely was most likely driven by the fact that he is still holding us accountable for his grandfather being jailed by British troops in 1949 and allegedly being brutally whipped for aiding the violent struggle for Kenyan independence . So cutting to the chase of it all, in Obama’s nomination of Shinseki, he was apparently looking someone who like himself who has a racial grudge against us. Read more of this post

No Death Penalty for Obama other son (Trayvon Martin brother) Tyrone Woodfork in”elderly white man murder & raping wife” for Black Foot Soldier Slavery Reparations cos Critical Race Theory said he could!

p1sc-tw_1nd_th2_str13tsTULSA – A man charged with brutally attacking an elderly couple, raping the woman and beating the man, is not facing the death penalty.

Trayvon THC in Blood

(Trayvon) Not the ‘innocent’ and ‘sweet” teen the mainstream media tried to introduce us to, huh?

Assistant District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said he will not pursue the death penalty for Tyrone Woodfork, who is jailed in connection with the March 2012 death of 84-year-old Nancy Strait, because of Woodfork’s “mental limitations.”

Woodfork, now 21, is charged with first-degree murder and first-degree rape in Strait’s death and sexual assault. Her husband, 90-year-old Bob Strait,  was severely beaten.  He died less than two months later.

“There was much debate within our office as to whether we should seek the death penalty on this defendant because of the egregious nature of the crime and the age of Ms. Strait,” said First Assistant District Attorney Doug Drummond. “But ultimately the fact he had a borderline IQ score, as well as other mental history, led us to our decision.”

No Death Penalty Penalty for Obama’s  other son Tyrone Woodfork for “murdering elderly white man & raping wife” for his Black Foot Soldier Slavery Reparations because Critical Race Theory said he could!

All violent black on white (BOW) robbery, rape and murderers to be pardoned! Obama, Holder find Critical Race Theory in favor of blacks

pasc-th2_3m1g3n1r6_r1c2_w1rOK,  that headline is farfetched.But consider these facts:

NBFSN Definition of a Reparations Protester "Defending Himself"Black Americans long have had preference over whites in jobs, college admissions, and government contracts, via the racist affirmative rules and “diversity” goals as required by federal law.

  • Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has openly stated that white Americans are not protected against racist violence by the Hate Crime Laws.
  • The Corrupt Liberal media routinely censors the racial identifications of white victims of interracial violent crime and spins away the racist motives of of their black attackers,  when they are identified by race.
  •  Honest Policing  of brutal, violent, interracial crime has been cowed by “politically correct” policing and  Criminology studies where  the primary racial motive for brutal racist violence is ignored or censored and replaced with secondary motives like “robbery” or the ubiquitous “mystery motive”.

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Wikileaks dump of classified info reveals National Black Foot Soldier Network ideology is extreme “antiwhite” extremist rhetorhic &  a “viable threat against American whites, the West and Israel which should continue to be carefully monitered for situational awareness and that all law enforcement agencies, as well as other Region 5 partners, are encouraged to remain observant and report any  suspicious activity.”

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Black Foot Soldiers declare: “THERE ARE NO INNOCENT WHITES!”

NATIONAL EMERGENCY: Why America Must Consider All Black Males as Black Foot Soldiers & Begin Preemptive Round-ups

Exactly what behavior by a “reparations offender” do National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) “reparations protesters” constitutes them, the ‘protesters’, being ‘forced to defend themselves‘?

Do the backs of the “reparations offenders” have to be turned so that the “offender” can’t see the “protester” coming?Is this one of the criteria NBFSN teaches its “Soldiers” to look for when staging their now nationally renown ‘reparations protests’?

As one of their ‘Network’ tenets is “the act of having white skin is racist” is must be. So, in the eyes of blacks ‘brave‘ enough to ‘stage’ these ‘peaceful reparations protests‘ against ‘generational race criminals’, it is our skin that is violent and what their ‘activists’ look for when determining if ‘God is going to perform a miracle for them and turn their bible into a gun‘ so they can ‘preach the gospel‘ that ‘the voices of their (justice denied) ancestors and ‘divine race karma‘ wants preached to ‘the devil‘.  But, according to the Black Foot Soldiers, they ‘peaceful but self defensive mission’ is being ‘false flagged’ by (inherently) ‘racist whites’.  Read more of this post

President Hussein Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Critical Race Theory is Their Silent Support for the Black Foot Soldier Reparations & Divine Race Karma (Justifiable Violence Against Whites) Movement


Critical Race Theory (CRT) was an intellectual development in the late 1970s and early 1980s in which some scholars, perturbed by what they perceived as a loss of momentum in the movement for racial equality, began to doubt that the constitutional and legal system itself had the capacity for change.

This criticism mirrored a Marxist attack long voiced in academia: that the Constitution had been a capitalist document incapable of allowing for the redistributionist change necessary to create a more equal world. To create a more equal world, the Constitution and the legal system would have to be endlessly criticized – hence critical theory – and torn down from within.  Read more of this post