If Obama Had a Son, Would He Look Like Tyrone Woodford, too?

This is an EXCELLENT piece published by JammieWearingFools.com that does make you question why President Obama ISN’T as vocal for on the actions of  other young, black  males – like Tyrone Woodford – as he was about thug Trayvon Martin.  Below, Jammie writes:

Gonna need a really big hoodie to conceal that hair. Strangely, our president hasn’t weighed in on this or myriad other crimes perpetrated by blacks. Why is that?

Great question Janmie! Of course, though, the Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) is calling this one of their ‘reparations protests:

“Until Tyrone Woodfork Do We Part:” The Nancy & Bob Strait Reparations Protest; “Neighbors say (Holocaust denying) elderly couple were kind and helpful.” (RE- SPONCE:) “Fuck vile, old reparations offenders Nancy & Bob Strait who thought they’d live their ENTIRE piggish lives & not answer for their lifelong Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Repa-rations Denial. Like you, they were wrong.” Tulsa County Black Foot Soldier Ford Rowland “It is regretful they apparently chose to turn this protest violent & force brother Woodfork to defend himself. We deplore violence, but praise brother Woodfork’s courage in face of evil.”

I’m publishing for you a the correct version of the story reported by numerous media outlets:

An 85-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and battered to death by a home invader who also shot her 90-year-old husband in the face with a BB gun. Nancy and Bob Strait, who had celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in December, were discovered by their daughter at their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both the pensioners were rushed to hospital where Mrs Strait, who was nearly blind, died from her injuries.

I’m wondering like Jammie: why won’t Obama adopt this one too?

About cardinalangel
What Shittycop is all about is NOT exposing police brutality - but encouraging police brutality. As with other blog service providers - such as Wordpress - Shittycop makes grand headlines and then in fine print calls for violence against police & urination during their funerals. Clearly well beyond "inappropriate" into the "hateful" and "threatening" level.

3 Responses to If Obama Had a Son, Would He Look Like Tyrone Woodford, too?

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    LMAO !!!!

    @RetardedAngel above – I haven’t seen anything in this blog about violence against cops. I only see complaints about violence against white people by feral blacks.

    Who the fuck are you to decide what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. Why don’t you go find one of those white hating black sites that says god hates whites and gives them skin cancer, and go complain to them about their inappropriateness, dick !

  2. The Mad Jewess says:

    Thats all the ‘race’ crime there is now, black on white and illegal on white.
    Black people just murder, rape and rob, like they have no conscience.

    Seems to me that more white people need to get a good f’n dose of how sweet these people can be. MY A$$.

    I got beaten to a pulp by 3 black younger women when I was a youth, they were screaming WHITE B*TCH!!! With a stick, been robbed by a black woman, she STOLE my $300- gold necklace, then made ME look like the aggressor and everyone believed the b*tch b/c they hate WHITE PEOPLE.
    And yeah, you dumb f’n “Jews” that take up for this slime get what you friggin DESERVE.

  3. Foster says:

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