“I’d very much like to know where a 17 year old gets money for tattoos & gold teeth? Did he have a job? If so, wasn’t that affected when he went to stay with his father (in another town?) If he didn’t have a job, did his parents give him money for grills & ink? Heck, I don’t have money for tattoos, much less gold teeth & my family is “middle class.”

Because of the keenness in her observation, I’m pulling PASC commentor Angela Beegle’s comments from the comment section on my “Ladies & Gents, introducing the Real Trayvon Martin: From Miami, was “SLIMM (@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA)” on Twitter, was suspend-ed from school for 10 days FOR DRUGS & killed by George Zimmer-man (after stealing Skittles from store?) while visiting his dad in Sanford” post to showcase them.

My response: Angela,

These are VERY good points! I don’t think ANY parent would GIVE their kids $$$ for tattoos and gold teeth. Look at his dad’s right arm in the picture above. It looks like he’s “tatted up” too. So it’s likely he embraced the same anti-white thug culture Trayvon embraced. Thanks for an EXCELLENT observation that we should ALL take into consideration! Wolfgang

IMO, Trayvon was headed the wrong direction in life. His embrace of the anti-white black thug culture, multiple suspensions from school and possession of questionably stolen items show this. What the people who are trying to sanitize this teen’s troubling behavioral patterns and delinquencies are refusing to acknowledge is that: Trayvon WANTED to look suspicious and threatening. These are NOTABLE aspects of the anti-white black thug culture he was fascinated with. If his dad promoted this behavior, he should be held accountable for leading this kid down the road that led to his death.

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What Shittycop is all about is NOT exposing police brutality - but encouraging police brutality. As with other blog service providers - such as Wordpress - Shittycop makes grand headlines and then in fine print calls for violence against police & urination during their funerals. Clearly well beyond "inappropriate" into the "hateful" and "threatening" level.

28 Responses to “I’d very much like to know where a 17 year old gets money for tattoos & gold teeth? Did he have a job? If so, wasn’t that affected when he went to stay with his father (in another town?) If he didn’t have a job, did his parents give him money for grills & ink? Heck, I don’t have money for tattoos, much less gold teeth & my family is “middle class.”

  1. Wynter says:

    People do tattoos for free idiots . Grills don’t cost much maybe he cut grass you don’t know what he did for his money and if you can’t afford tattoos or a grill I’m sorry you are not middle class bitch you are broke !

    • Paris says:


    • I don’t think I’d accept a ‘free’ tattoo. You might get more than you bargained for, including Hepatitis C, MRSA, even HIV. It costs money to properly care for and sterilize tattoo equipment. Even if the tattooist is willing to work for free, tattoos still cost somebody, somewhere.

    • bret says:

      YES! thankyou. its not hard to get a free or cheap tatto, and who said his teeth were made of real gold. perhaps they are brass caps that can be bought at any flea market. close minded idiots.

  2. Superabound says:

    Parents tend to buy things for their kids you know. So maybe Trayvon’s dad bought his tattoos, just like George Zimmerman’s dad bought the Florida police and State’s Attorney.

  3. …because being an unarmed and ‘troubled’ kid justifies an armed man stalking you, contrary to all objections from the police, and then shooting you? if you’re such a supporter of the police i’m sure you’ll agree Zimmerman should have went home long before anyone got shot

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  5. White Girl Sue in MO. says:

    PLEASE, EVERYONE wants to forget that George was protecting his community from any type of crime. I know in the black community they have this no snitching rule,they don’t care about their neighborhood and the crime rate in their community reflects that rule. WHERE is the respect for your fellow man, I see there is none, when you answer a question with violence. Trayvon was a young MAN, at 17,in this country you can be sent to an adult prison,because our government views you as knowing right from wrong.I bet DADDY wish he would have stayed at home that night, instead he went out to dinner. These young people think that they can put their hands on anyone they wanted, if this continues, more young Men are going to die!!! I’m glad this law is on the books,for all the future victims,who can now protect themselves when they are away from their homes. Raptist,murders and just sad MAD DOGS that go around beating people,because of their color of their skin!!! That’s right it was Sick when the KKK was doing the beatings and it’s sick when the blacks are the beaters, no difference. So in the future, if you black and you just want to whip some white ass, understand, that you are just like the KKK, beating on a person because of their skin color. SO WELCOME TO THE CLUB! THE RACIST CLUB!!

    • Paris says:

      stfu! & in the BLACK COMMUNITY??? HOw the fuck do you know all black people are like that? The no snitch rule? I guess you learned that from a thug you idiot! Maybe you should be killed for being stupid!

    • Daisy says:

      Is this b**** for real? You must be stupid. Listen here… DONT ACT LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE BLACK!!!! The reason racism still exists is because of people like you that STEREOTYPE!!!!

    • Hoodie says:

      Yo bitch u one dumbass motherfucker. If u like law that means i could shoot u and say she looked threatening. This law makes it able for racist pricks like Zimmerman to get away with murder. U one racist assed bitch who knows nothin about the black community or respect. And like Zimmerman was protecting his community. He shot an unarmed 17 year old because he’s a racist bitch not because he was protecting his community. Really Zimmermans more of a threat than trayvon. And also it’s sick when people like Zimmerman who are just like the kkk kill 17 year olds because of their skin color. Bitch u hav no idea wat ur talking about so u best shut the fuck up.

    • proud2beblack says:

      well well well, what can I say???? Zimmerman was a COWARD just like your COWARD ASS!!!! Let me tell you something that you don’t know about the BLACK community. All of us don’t come from the same homes and we don’t learn the same things. Some of us have respect and not all of us are racist (similar to Caucasian people). But one thing we don’t need is a weapon to hold our own… talk shit over the internet but let that be as far as it goes… TALK IS CHEAP!!!!! just don’t step foot into our BLACK COMMUNITY… BY THE WAY you spelled rapist wrong and I believe you meant to put murderers after that….. Learn something misses white

  6. I almost stepped in a pile of trayvon…..

  7. Paris says:

    How do anyone know if he stole those skittles?? I throw out my receipts all the time when I leave the store or sometimes I say I don’t want it. This is ridiculous! He was killed Zimmerman was not and Trayvon was unarmed! I’m glad he was charged!

  8. Tyasia says:

    It’s been confirmed that it was a fake plastic grill he wore atleast 3 times. He took it for pictures for fun. His friends say that they never even saw him with a grill. The toy grill was removable and trayvon didn’t wear it out alot. Trayvon dental records has no records of getting a “grill”. And since when was it a crime to get a tattoo at 17, he was practiclly gonna be 18 the next year. He was old enough to get a tattoo. So please learn the facts before you go assuming that a innocent victim isn’t innocent.

  9. haleigh loeffler says:

    i may not be black or even have black in me but i kno they have just as much feelings as white people. white people aint no better then black people and im sick and tired of all the white people trying to make black people feel bad about what color they are and there aint a damn thing wrong with black people so if white people got something bad to tell a black person to try to make them think that they should not be here with us or they wrong for being black they can go fuck themselves because i love black people more than i like white people and i am white but it is what it is and aint nobody gunna tell me no different

  10. haleigh loeffler says:

    dnt hate cause when you were treyvons age u did not look as good as him and his family had money and urs didnt

  11. Lexyrc12 says:

    You people need to get a life. Just because he had a fake “grill” and tattoos does NOT make him a thug. I indeed know people 13+ with tattoos, piercings and etc. And guess what, most of them are in the caucasian race. Also, I think a 17 year old could make money by chores or anything, the way he made his money is none of your bussiness. In the black community there isn’t a “No snitch rule!” Nobody cares, you people just see stuff on tv and think that, that is exactly how us blacks act. Well, news flash. Our president and his wife are black and successful… I guess that just tears down your self esteem, huh? Let’s not get on Oprah, Beyonce, Jay-z, & etc. MILLIONAIRES! So, if you would like to continue this conversation we can indeed. Oh also, I know about five caucasian people who want to be BLACK. Smh, you guys come back when you have valid information, better research, and more smart minds. Thank you.

  12. Dick Nuggets says:

    He obviously bought all of this sh*t from selling drugs (as is now well known). Thank you George for taking care of this piece of sh*t……

    • proud2beblack says:

      you racist ass PIECE OF SHIT.. Selling drugs is not the only way to earn an income… In due time Zimmerman will get the punishment he deserves (which will be justice for us BLACKS(WHICH I MUST SAY I AM PROUD TO BE). It doesn’t matter what the courts say, we all have to stand before god and answer to him. I hope you have a good explanation as to why you are so ignorant. GOD BLESS your racist ass and have mercy on your soul… That’s for you and all the rest who agree with you!

  13. Ignorance says:

    I guess it’s ok to kill because of appearance right this is pure ignorance and baffling Zimmerman was wrong for the simple fact during the 911 call the person told him to allow the police to deal with it Even if it is true Zimmerman had no right to shoot him off of the fact that he doesn’t belong in a certain neighborhood this is a very stereotypical article all I’m getting from this is he deserves to be killed for being a “teen” because whatever race you caterogize every “teen” does something unlawful but do they deserve to be killed for being in the so called wrong neighborhood

  14. K-WaL says:

    *Sigh*… Reading this blog was depressing. Shit like this makes me embarrassed to be white. Are you really so paranoid? Poor, powerless black people (or muslims, or “illegal immigrants”… etc., etc…) are in NO position to victimize you – Especially given that you’re (presumably) white, male, straight and middle class. You should be fighting against those who actually can (and do) victimize you everyday – the rich. It’s capitalism that victimizes all of us, and you’re simply too ignorant to see your true oppressor. While you go blaming all your problems on black people, a bourgeois, capitalist class holds you captive under wage slavery and you just bend right over and take it. People like you stand in the way of most forms of progress, and you must be either properly educated or eliminated. Period. When the workers revolution finally does come, hopefully people like you simply won’t exist anymore.

  15. Is this a joke? says:

    Middle class but can’t afford a tattoo? Lmao!!! I’m sorry, but living in a mobile home does not make you middle class!

  16. kik says:

    ever heard of allowance dumb ass….

  17. Geoff says:

    Racism is in everyone. We all learn to hate but it comes from pride and a desire to stand up for your own. To prove that you have value, significance. Ignorance is universal. It’s not bound to any skin color in particular.

    What makes America great is that with all this pride, we are, at the end of the day, Americans and that bond is stronger than anything else. Including all this petty crap.

    A young man died, another man who was acting in a role to protect his neighborhood was assaulted and took that young mans life. Nobody won anything. No “side” gained any advantage or proved any point.

    When I was a young man, I’m white btw, women would cross the street if I was on the same side of the street or grab and hold onto their purses. Cops would pull me over because it was late enough that me being out was suspicious to them. Profiling and judging others is a human experience for all of us. It’s the people who defy that experience who teach us the lessons that help us combat that pride and ignorance. If you can remember a friend who is not like a stereotype it teaches you that stereotypes are simply a generalization because all people have the need to define and categorize things. Either from laziness or just the desire to understand something.

    Everyone has value, we are all significant. Understand where that hate comes from, make some friends outside your comfort zone. There are examples of everything in all races, good and bad. But what defines us is who we allow ourselves to be.

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