(HEADLINE:) (Shittycop EXCLUSIVE) Racist Brevard County Sheriff Regime Terrorist Barbara Pill Meets Right Nigga! Brevard County Soldier Brandon Lee Bradley Hailed Hero in Daring Stand Against White Police Terror! “Pill was a tremendous threat to brothers & sisters in our community. We are all happy she’s dead & can’t threaten our parents & children any longer.” 

(Excerpt) “If you looked in our rearview mirror and saw this obese white devil who dressed in blue, donned a badge, wore a gun and dared to call herself a police officer – as our courageous brother Bradley did – would you shoot first and ask questions later or wait for your rights to be violated and quite possibly your rights to be taken.” Brevard County Black Foot Soldier William English asked.

About cardinalangel
What Shittycop is all about is NOT exposing police brutality - but encouraging police brutality. As with other blog service providers - such as Wordpress - Shittycop makes grand headlines and then in fine print calls for violence against police & urination during their funerals. Clearly well beyond "inappropriate" into the "hateful" and "threatening" level.


  1. Lexani Gold says:

    You guys for really stupid and need something better to do with your life he is gonna get what he deserves i went to Jr high with him and never thought this would be him but he did the crime now he is gonna do the time…. Maybe stop being idiots and stop breaking the law and you wont have to deal with the cops ever think of that jack ass

    • Sheepdog says:

      You are all sheep………… Protected by the sheepdog no matter how much you hate….Sheep are forgiven for they know nothing else then how to be a sheep! Walk around consume and live while sheepdogs fight for you no matter what. Your welcome sheep

  2. rip officer pill. but brandon “luwie” was my nigga from day one i got his back regaurdless

  3. mimi says:

    You sick fucks. This wasn’t just a police officer this was a wife; a mother and a daughter. Is this about race what is it. Because this lady who became a cop to put her life in harms way to make sure others were safe wasn’t discriminating on color she was doing her damn job. U guys can have ur king he’s nothing but worthless now.and yes I know who he is and yes he used to b a good person in his younger years.h H My thing is if u don’t want the time don’t

  4. Fuck devil and pig Barbara Pill. Our community can only be relieved this state commissioned racial terrorist can no longer harass the citizens of our communities. Praise God she is dead!

  5. david says:

    If you knew this person you would know he was hooked on drugs bad . He deserves to be put to death slowly and left to hang for every one to see. This was not a racist event and to who ever posted this is just mad at the would and would be considered the true racist cops do not go into the hood and just pull you over just to ruin your day. There job is to keep the peace and protect the innocent. It is not there fault you are a shady character with a guilty demeanor people do that to them selves. Do the right thing a take this down you do not see educated people do these kinds of thing do you?

  6. Jack says:

    Look at your hero with his suicide vest. He looks like a bewildered retard. Maybe you all can come watch your retard get executed.

  7. Eric Sermon says:

    Ha-HAA! Does anyone know how to spell or did anyone learn about proper grammar in grade school? You butchers of the native language we speak are the same mental midgets who back this crowned asshole in that picture. I’m actually sorry I searched this useless man’s name and stumbled across this terrifically ignorant corner of the internet. I feel equally as sorry for those of you who support “people against shitty cop”! This title is perfectly fitting. Shouldn’t it be “cops” plural. Are you against only one cop? Maybe this detriment to society will soon be put down like the dog he’s become and those of you who support him, from behind the secure curtain of internet anonymity, with your less than impressive ability to even spell correctly, will someday fall to some similar fate like the useless clowns you are. Thanks for listening and use a dictionary, they don’t bite. Stupid should hurt. I’d like to help.

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