What is the best response when someone says “they aren’t ALL like that” after you point out blacks commit the most crimes against whites?

According to U.S. Justice Department figures over 34,460 White women are sexually assaulted or raped by Black males each year, and most authorities believe that the actual rape figures are at least twice the reported number. The number of Black female rapes by White Men is Statistically, is 0! Because they have fewer than 10 cases nationally.

In just one year the number of White women raped by Black males is 6 times the total number of all lynchings during the entire history of the United States. (Estimated to be about 5,000 including both Whites and Blacks) Many scholars who have studied the history of lynching in the United States make it clear that lynching wasn’t simply a racial crime, but one primarily exacted on criminals whether they were Black or White.

Compare the small number of women (estimates are between 75 and 100 women lynched in the history of the United States) who suffered lynching compared to the 34,000 innocent women whom have commited no crime but suffer from Black terror and rape every year. In addition, 700 innocent White women are murdered each and every year by Blacks. Where is the outrage about this racial crime?

The leftist say Jim Crow and segregation was so horrible but how does the discrimination of racially segregated neighborhoods and schools compare with the racially born crimes of Black slaughter and physical attacks levied against thousands of White people each year

Direct people who need to see the facts to the FBI crime stats on their official page. For crime by racial statistics, you’ll want to point them to the data provided by US Census Bureau .

The Jew Fueled Black Foot Soldier version of “STAND YOUR GROUND” Motivating Black Supremacists See “Self Defense” as ‘Raping’, ‘Robbing’, & ‘Killing’ Innocent Whitey for Black Slavery!

Exactly what behavior by a “reparations offender” do National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) “reparations protesters” constitutes them, the ‘protesters’, being ‘forced to defend themselves‘?

Do the backs of the “reparations offenders” have to be turned so that the “offender” can’t see the “protester” coming?Is this one of the criteria NBFSN teaches its “Soldiers” to look for when staging their now nationally renown ‘reparations protests’?

As one of their ‘Network’ tenets is “the act of having white skin is racist” is must be. So, in the eyes of blacks ‘brave‘ enough to ‘stage’ these ‘peaceful reparations protests‘ against ‘generational race criminals’, it is our skin that is violent and what their ‘activists’ look for when determining if ‘God is going to perform a miracle for them and turn their bible into a gun‘ so they can ‘preach the gospel‘ that ‘the voices of their (justice denied) ancestors and ‘divine race karma‘ wants preached to ‘the devil‘.  But, according to the Black Foot Soldiers, they ‘peaceful but self defensive mission’ is being ‘false flagged’ by (inherently) ‘racist whites’.  Read more of this post

Justice Department Alarmed at Rising Number of Police Deaths Shittycop And National Black Foot Soldier Network Revel In

People Against ShittycopAttorney General Eric Holder summoned several of the nations chiefs of police to Washington this week to seek their input on an alarming spike in police fatalities.

For the two years before 2010, shootings of police officers had been on the decline. But that changed last year.

Department of Justice figures for that year show officer deaths jumped 40 percent, with firearm fatalities climbing by nearly 25 percent.

And the trend appears to be more than an anomaly.

“This year we are unfortunately on track to exceed the numbers we saw last year,” Holder told the assembled chiefs. “We are already three full months into 2011 and yet we have already lost 48 law enforcement officers.” Original Article

US Government Officials Set To Review Spate Of Deadly Attacks On Our Police Dubbed “War On Pops,” But Need Look No Further Than Shittycop & The Black Foot Soldiers

US government officials are set to review a spate of deadly attacks on police officers that has been dubbed a “war on cops”.

A series of shootings has left 15 officers dead in January alone – with 11 killed in one 24-hour period alone.

The US Department of Justice said it will study whether the behaviour of officers, deficits in training or financial cut-backs could have contributed to the number of fatalities. (Source)

THE BLACK FOOT SOLDIERS! A RACIST “TERRORIST” ORGANIZATION THAT CLAIMS IT’S NOT RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA? (WhiteIgniters Publishes Youtube Documentary On Black Foot Soldier Call For Violence Against Us & Our Police)

Does New Black Foot Soldier 2011 Black History Month Ad Portraying Violent Malcom X “By Any Means Necessary” Imagery With 3 White Police Officers Laughing At Street Miral Of Oscar Grant Encourage Violence Against Our Police? I Think It Does And Have Contacted The FBI And DHS. Have You?

Does Latest Black Foot Soldier 2011 Black History Month Ad Portraying Violent Malcom X “By Any Means Necessary” Imagery With Three White Police Officers Laughing At Street Miral Of Oscar Grant Encourage Violence Against Our Police?

I Think It Does And Have Contacted The FBI And DHS. Have You?

Shittycop And Ohio Black Foot Soldiers Glorify Tragic Shooting Death Of Clark County Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Waughtel Hopper, Call Her “State Commissioned Racial Terrorist” And Vow To “Disrupt Funeral With STATEWIDE Celebration”!

I’m taking the appropriate steps and notifying the Clark County Police Department of Shittycop‘s glorification of the tragic shooting death of US Deputy Suzanne Waughtel Hopper. But we need more citizens to step up and be vocally active against this publication and the Black Foot Soldier insurgency. If you’re not speaking out against this, then shame on you! Below, I copied and pasted a little of the profanity laced, anti white and anti police HATE SPEECH:


Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper was shot and killed after responding to a call of a window being shot out at a trailer park in Enon.  She served with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for 12 years and is survived by her husband and two children.

After sacrificing her life and time for 12 years, Deputy Hopper DOESN’T deserve this evil racist assail against her! Her family DOESN’T deserve her good name tarnished with charges of  being a “STATE COMMISSIONED RACIAL TERRORIST”!

Even worse than these things, though, these Ohio Black Foot Soldiers are vowing to intentionally have a STATEWIDE celebration on the DAY OF HER FUNERAL with the goal of intentionally DISRESPECTING it!