The Jew Fueled Black Foot Soldier version of “STAND YOUR GROUND” Motivating Black Supremacists See “Self Defense” as ‘Raping’, ‘Robbing’, & ‘Killing’ Innocent Whitey for Black Slavery!

Exactly what behavior by a “reparations offender” do National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) “reparations protesters” constitutes them, the ‘protesters’, being ‘forced to defend themselves‘?

Do the backs of the “reparations offenders” have to be turned so that the “offender” can’t see the “protester” coming?Is this one of the criteria NBFSN teaches its “Soldiers” to look for when staging their now nationally renown ‘reparations protests’?

As one of their ‘Network’ tenets is “the act of having white skin is racist” is must be. So, in the eyes of blacks ‘brave‘ enough to ‘stage’ these ‘peaceful reparations protests‘ against ‘generational race criminals’, it is our skin that is violent and what their ‘activists’ look for when determining if ‘God is going to perform a miracle for them and turn their bible into a gun‘ so they can ‘preach the gospel‘ that ‘the voices of their (justice denied) ancestors and ‘divine race karma‘ wants preached to ‘the devil‘.  But, according to the Black Foot Soldiers, they ‘peaceful but self defensive mission’ is being ‘false flagged’ by (inherently) ‘racist whites’.  Read more of this post

“Here we have an example of someone (Creaux Steele) who doesn’t get it(!)” Rue St Michel Takes Stand Against Shittycop!

Fighter for justice and defender of the American way Rue St Michel is taking a stand against Creaux Steele and Shittycop! I copied and pasted a little below:

ShittyCop is a website you should get to know. …. . … . The site is obviously run by someone with a solid understanding of Black Liberation Theology, mixed with a strain of radical black activism. It’s one of the most racist websites I’ve ever seen.  … . … . … . Here we have an example of someone who doesn’t get it(!) (original post) Read more of this post