VICTORY! Creaux Steele’s “Shittycopz”‘ Blog Trashed by Blogger! At last the anti white, black terrorist who referred to our police officers as “racial terrorists” has been suspended by our friends at Google!

It’s been a great effort but at last those of us who love and respect our police and the jobs they do can say “good job” to the Blogger team for FINALLY recognizing the anti white racial terrorism being preached by Shittycop publisher Creaux Steele!

Below, the SPLC’s Leah Nelson wrote of the hate blog:

Of the blogs in the NBFSN, Shittycop most often catches the public’s attention; it is where the pseudonymous Creaux Steele aggregates the network’s “press releases” celebrating the deaths of law enforcement officers. These writings never explicitly call for violence — in fact, Shittycop states that it “does not advocate violence or hatred. Shitty Cop advocates justice.” They prefer to rejoice in their purported enemies’ demise after the fact. Read more of this post