All violent black on white (BOW) robbery, rape and murderers to be pardoned! Obama, Holder find Critical Race Theory in favor of blacks

pasc-th2_3m1g3n1r6_r1c2_w1rOK,  that headline is farfetched.But consider these facts:

NBFSN Definition of a Reparations Protester "Defending Himself"Black Americans long have had preference over whites in jobs, college admissions, and government contracts, via the racist affirmative rules and “diversity” goals as required by federal law.

  • Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has openly stated that white Americans are not protected against racist violence by the Hate Crime Laws.
  • The Corrupt Liberal media routinely censors the racial identifications of white victims of interracial violent crime and spins away the racist motives of of their black attackers,  when they are identified by race.
  •  Honest Policing  of brutal, violent, interracial crime has been cowed by “politically correct” policing and  Criminology studies where  the primary racial motive for brutal racist violence is ignored or censored and replaced with secondary motives like “robbery” or the ubiquitous “mystery motive”.

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