“Walking The Internet To And Fro To See Who I Can Destroy,” Anonymous Replied. “Have You Considered Piratebay’s Baywords?” Anonymous Group Warns Westboro Church: “Stop Your Hateful Rhetoric Campaigns Or Face Our Wrath.” Will Internet’s New Savior Take Down Piratebay’s Baywords Next For Allowing Uncensored Blogging To Violate International 1st Amendment Standards? I’m Keeping My Fingers Crossed!

On Wednesday, Feb. 16, Anonymous issued an ultimatum to WBC. Either they stop their hateful rhetoric and campaigns, or they will face the wrath of Anonymous. Anonymous is very good a DDOS attacks, taking down websites, and that’s exactly what they threaten to do to WBC’s public websites.

The Westboro Baptist Church is notorious for its picketing soldiers’ funerals. They have said that the deaths of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan were reprisals from God for the U.S.’ leniency toward the LGBT lifestyle. They do not differentiate between the funerals of gay or straight soldiers.

Any chance Anonymous will recognize the breach of International 1st Amendment standards caused by Piratebay’s allowance of uncensored blogging on their Baywords blogging platform?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I know a lots of other conscientiousness Americans who are too.