SPLC Identifies Black Foot Soldier Network & Yakub Islam As Members From “Racist World Of Black Nationalism” Comprising Hundreds Of Nuwaubians & Yahweh ben Yahweh Cultists Who Thrive On Murding Whites

According to SPLC’s Leah Nelson in the article, “‘Black Foot Soldiers’ Blog Network Cheers Murders of Police Officers,” the theories that the National Black Foot Soldier Network and the network of blogs that publish its news releases are either created by Jews to forment tension between blacks and whites or created by white nationalists to provoke black hate “are dubious at best.”

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Nation Of Islam Slams Our Founding Fathers & Then Attacks Tea Party, Beck & Openly Encourages Black Foot Soldier Domestic Insurgency That Calls ALL Whites “Generational Reparations Offenders” Who Deserve Being Robbed & Killed

The title of the assail is, “Reparations, the Tea Party and America’s Founding Fathers” and it heaps praise on the founder of the God Damn (White) America (GDWA) movement Jeremiah Wright, rejects the divinity of the Constitution, supports Obama’s racist health care package and declares support for the anti white, Black Foot Soldier insurgent movement’s call for reparations against us by “any means necessary.” Read more of this post