SPLC Identifies Black Foot Soldier Network & Yakub Islam As Members From “Racist World Of Black Nationalism” Comprising Hundreds Of Nuwaubians & Yahweh ben Yahweh Cultists Who Thrive On Murding Whites

According to SPLC’s Leah Nelson in the article, “‘Black Foot Soldiers’ Blog Network Cheers Murders of Police Officers,” the theories that the National Black Foot Soldier Network and the network of blogs that publish its news releases are either created by Jews to forment tension between blacks and whites or created by white nationalists to provoke black hate “are dubious at best.”

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Justice Department Alarmed at Rising Number of Police Deaths Shittycop And National Black Foot Soldier Network Revel In

People Against ShittycopAttorney General Eric Holder summoned several of the nations chiefs of police to Washington this week to seek their input on an alarming spike in police fatalities.

For the two years before 2010, shootings of police officers had been on the decline. But that changed last year.

Department of Justice figures for that year show officer deaths jumped 40 percent, with firearm fatalities climbing by nearly 25 percent.

And the trend appears to be more than an anomaly.

“This year we are unfortunately on track to exceed the numbers we saw last year,” Holder told the assembled chiefs. “We are already three full months into 2011 and yet we have already lost 48 law enforcement officers.” Original Article

US Government Officials Set To Review Spate Of Deadly Attacks On Our Police Dubbed “War On Pops,” But Need Look No Further Than Shittycop & The Black Foot Soldiers

US government officials are set to review a spate of deadly attacks on police officers that has been dubbed a “war on cops”.

A series of shootings has left 15 officers dead in January alone – with 11 killed in one 24-hour period alone.

The US Department of Justice said it will study whether the behaviour of officers, deficits in training or financial cut-backs could have contributed to the number of fatalities. (Source)

Support The Remember Lakewood Contitutional Amendment!

(WARNING) On Eve Of Anniversary Of Black Foot Soldier Insurgent Maurice Clemmons Strike On The Lakewood 4, Anti White Domestic Insurgency Movement Calls For New Martyr To “Catch The Holy Ghost” And Kill More Of Our Men In Blue?

Is “Catch The Holy Ghost” the new Black Foot Soldier (BFS) code speak for “kill white Police Officers” and “kill whitey?” New friend of Peopleagainstshittycop Adolf Gobineau says it’s the new “lingo” or “Ebonics” the anti white BFS insurgency is using on the streets to call for a new “martyr” to step up to the plate and “kill more of the men in blue who protect us.”

What’s worse is it appears the Black Foot Soldiers are calling for “potential martyrs” to “catch the Holy Ghost” on the first anniversary of the Forza Coffee Shop massacre on the revamped Blackmalefelon site.

Those of us who love America remember it was the Blackmalefelon site that first declared the racist mass murderer Clemmons was rewarded 288 virgins in heaven (72 for each cop he killed) and published he was “already getting his dick sucked in heaven.”  I’ve already contacted my local Police Department and let them know our Officers should be aware that Black Foot Soldier Insurgents will be looking to join their “Martyrdome” on November 29th. Read more of this post