If not a dead white cop, a white US GI that’s been killed will do! Shittycop now glorifying killings of US GIs & all white Americans killed under any circumstances! But only whites are racists, right?

If you haven’t signed one of our petitions against Creaux Steele and his Shittycop publication then you’re just as culpable for their racism as he and the Black Foot Soldiers are.

How can they stoop lower than glorifying the killing of our brave men in blue? The only way to sink lower than this would be to glorify when our service members are killed in combat or by roadside bombs. Well, if their latest graphic isn’t enough to make you puke and get you motivated, then this certainly will, Racist US Military Regime Terrorist Marine Jordan Bastean Eats Warmongering Just Desserts In Afghan’s Helmand Province; Blacks Against White America (BAWA) Condem Bastean For Crimes Against Afghan People, Give Thanks To God For Violent Death .