Arizona Takes Action against Birth Citizenship While Shittycop Praises Killing Of US Border Patrol Agents Who Keep Us Safe

Above, Shittycop is now crossing the line and praising Mexican hoodlums’ killing of the border patrol agents who keep us safe. Maybe somebody should ask Creaux Steele if he knows that Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily. But I guess that’s alright with him as long as they’re us white devils.

Below, once again, Arizona is the spearpoint of defending the country against the onslaught of illegal aliens, this time challenging the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, by which the children of illegal aliens born on American soil are awarded citizenship. While some in the dinosaur media characterize the legislation as off the reservation, Arizona has already ticked off the more straight-forward items on the to-do list of enforcement. (Brenda Walker, VDARE)