Acclaimed & controversial Web commentator Mike Shields (Mike Shields on God and calls National Black Foot Soldier Network what it is: a black hate group!

“A rise in the number of militias since Obama took office is not surprising, particularly in light of the Gunwalker scandal, where Atty. General Holder was caught red handed conducting a false flag operation in an effort to produce more restrictive gun control legislation. As a result, gun sales have gone through the roof,” Mike says – and it’s good to see a white commentator with the guts to call Holder out on his unabashed anti white racism!

“The surprising thing about the increase in the number of militias is that the growth has been explosive; from 149 militias in 2008 to 1274 today.” He says. But what’s the reason for the explosive growth in white militias? Shield proves the case for this in simple elementary language that even an kid can follow: Read more of this post