Savage Black Foot Soldier Insurgents & Other Anti White Fans Of Shittycop Supporters Attack Our “People Against Shittycop” Online Petition With Profanity & Other Bad Lanquage

Though it appears some PASC heavyweights like City of Mount Vernon Mayor Bud Norris, outspoken PASC critic Josef Kunzler, Remember the Lakewood 4 champion Rob McKenna and others have read and signed our People Against Shittycop petition, it’s also been berated by Black Foot Soldier and Shittycop fans. I’ve updated the petition to let everyone standing aginst the Black Foot Soldier insurgency and the Shittycop publication know that A) we’re not going to delete insurgent comments. Rather, we’re going to let the world see just how STUPID these people are; and, B) We’re not going to be discouraged by them either!