Where’s Receipt from Corner Store? Did Trayvon Martin Steal Skittles & Arizona Iced Tea? & Was Zimmerman Notified of “Young, Black Male in Hoodie with Stolen Skittles? PeopleAgainstShittyCop Wants to Know!

I’ve read more than thirty articles now and continue looking for ANY proof that 17-year-old Trayvon Martin actually PAID  for both items he supposedly bought from a nearby corner store before his death in the Twin Lakes gated community where his father lived, but I’m not finding ANY evidence he DIDN’T STEAL them.

I hope I’m NOT the only one asking this question and know there’s going to be some backlash for asking it. But if Martin was stealing from or suspected of stealing from any of the neighborhood’s corner stores, we need to know.

After more review, I find the Sanford Police DO believe Martin STOLE the candy and the tea: Read more of this post