New Blooded Nose George Zimmerman Photo Silences Critics, Proves He Fought for His Life, Was Justified in Use of Force & Trayvon’s Guilt


ANOTHER ONE OF ‘EM FORCES US TO STAND OUR GROUND! Jew Fueled Florida Black Foot Soldier Teen Thugs Threaten White 45 Year Software Development Executive at Gas Station; 17-year-old Anti-White Insurgent Jordan Davis Killed; I say ANY white Americans who have EVER been accosted by racist black youth playing terrorizing anti-white rap music know EXACTLY why Michael Dunn feared for his life!

“Kill & hurt whites & destroy their property. You will be rewarded for it in the afterlife,” Muslim Barack Obama subliminal message to his blacks

 A white male was attacked and savagely beaten by a lynch mob of black males in Columbia, SC. There have been numerous black on white mob attacks in Columbia during the past two years. Video of the attack surfaced on facebook along with racially charged comments.

Brainwashed Mobile Black Foot Soldier Trayon Washington Cuts Down Mother Wendy Fisher for Being White! MOBILE POLICE COVER-UP: Did Washington Shout, “Mobile Black Foot Soldier, white devil Bitch!” before shooting Fisher? If so, why is it not in the Police report?

Friends and family have been commenting on Wendy Fisher’s Facebook page following her murder on Saturday night after she confronted a group of men in a car that was speeding through her neighborhood.
Fisher was shot in the 5500 block of Racine Avenue in west Mobile about 6:20 p.m. She was taken to University of South Alabama Medical Center, where she died.

The 40-year-old mother was crossing the street in front of her home to get her dog. Witnesses say she yelled at a car Washington was in to slow down. Police say that’s when the car stopped, someone got out of the car and fired three shots. One of those bullets hit Fisher in the chest. Mobile’s assistant district attorney Jennifer Wright says she believes Washington pulled the trigger. On Wednesday morning, seventeen year old Trayon Washington was arrested and charged with Fisher’s murder. But what’s disturbing is that Washington, a dangerous black, male who was out on bond for six felony offenses, should have never been on the streets. Even more disturbing than this, though, is that alleged Mobile PeopleAgainstShittyCop contacts assert witness statements saying that before Washington shot Fisher he angrily shouted ” B;ack Foot Soldiier, white devil Bitch” are being suppressed because of the police and other city officials don’t want to promote the black insurgent movement as they did in an the Kyser Miree murder case.
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The Jew Fueled Black Foot Soldier version of “STAND YOUR GROUND” Motivating Black Supremacists See “Self Defense” as ‘Raping’, ‘Robbing’, & ‘Killing’ Innocent Whitey for Black Slavery!

Exactly what behavior by a “reparations offender” do National Black Foot Soldier Network (NBFSN) “reparations protesters” constitutes them, the ‘protesters’, being ‘forced to defend themselves‘?

Do the backs of the “reparations offenders” have to be turned so that the “offender” can’t see the “protester” coming?Is this one of the criteria NBFSN teaches its “Soldiers” to look for when staging their now nationally renown ‘reparations protests’?

As one of their ‘Network’ tenets is “the act of having white skin is racist” is must be. So, in the eyes of blacks ‘brave‘ enough to ‘stage’ these ‘peaceful reparations protests‘ against ‘generational race criminals’, it is our skin that is violent and what their ‘activists’ look for when determining if ‘God is going to perform a miracle for them and turn their bible into a gun‘ so they can ‘preach the gospel‘ that ‘the voices of their (justice denied) ancestors and ‘divine race karma‘ wants preached to ‘the devil‘.  But, according to the Black Foot Soldiers, they ‘peaceful but self defensive mission’ is being ‘false flagged’ by (inherently) ‘racist whites’.  Read more of this post