Report: Vicious Black On White (BOW) Killer Gary Simpson’s Strong Ties to Southern Cali Black Foot Soldiers believing in the BOW Divine Racial Karma Martyrdom i.e. Black Foot Soldier Suicide BOW Killer….

“William Gary Simpson came into our home that morning, with the intention of killing my husband and three children, myself, and the 7 other children staying with us over Christmas break. Why? Because – he could not stand for such an ‘inferior race’ to have so much love in their home! He could not tolerate my children, and all the other children, being loved so unconditionally, the way he wanted his ‘superior black parents’ to love him! And so, he planned for almost one year… He ‘practiced’, not only by taking self defense, sword fighting and martial arts classes at college – but by killing! And then he came with an entire duffle bag filled with knives, watching our home for over 2 weeks while hiding out in a nearby foreclosed home, waiting for the optimum moment – to annihilate us all.”  BOW hate crime victim Catherine Burke writes in her first public essay about the December 20, 2011 event by William Gary Simpson that resulted in the absolutely unforgivable loss of her beautiful 18 year old daughter, Saskia.  From the excerpt above, remember her last four words the most (he came here) “to annihilate us all.”

I’m asking you to pay attention to those last four words because Burke, who through tremendous pain, penned her emotional story, because according to new sources, that have yet to be confirmed, annihilating her family is EXACTLY what 19 year old black on white (BOW) killer William Gary Simpson wanted to do. … You’ll also want to make a personal note to yourself  to remember the last sentence in the short snippet from her essay below:

Our 18 year old daughter Saskia was viciously, violently stabbed to death here in our home December 20, 2011 by William Gary Simpson! Simpson grew up as a friend of our son’s, a friend of our family – we’d known him over 10 years! What we didn’t know until after his attack, is that he was raised by a black supremacist! 

Now let’s compile the two extracts I added you to set aside starting with the latter first: William Gary Simpson is a black supremacist extremist who, on December 20, 2011, set out to kill every member of the Burke family. Why? Because they were “inferior.”  But from where would a nineteen year old attending  the most dynamic and diverse college in the Inland Empire, Riverside Community College,  learn to embrace a racist ideology as such? According to new but unconfirmed sources, Simpson allegedly has  “strong ties to the Southern California Black Foot Soldier who reportedly believe in  something believed to be called a  “BOW Divine Race Karma Martyrdom” doctrine wherein “activists,” who when “purposed” by “Divine Racial Karma, liken themselves to “suicide bombers” and “expect to die in the fulfillment actions they believe to be driven by the universe.

While not stated in full on their Website – and probably out of fear of violating Blogger’s TOS (because superficially they deny they clearly ARE about violence against non people of color, the infrastructure for this ideologically is published repeatedly:

“White America failed to make restitution for race crimes in the time given by Universe to restore harmony & will answer for their deeds. While we deplore violence, we know the martyrs of racial karma are the martyrs of Allah & are also the martyrs of Yahweh and they often cannot deny God’s calling. Yet while they might suffer here on earth for allowing God to use them as His vessels of His sacred and prophesied of karmic retribution, they greatly rewarded in Heaven for collecting the Universal bounties against them.” YakubMuslim condemnation minister Malachi Nigaros says.
Based on the strong evidence, we have to wonder if in two years 17 year old Trayvon Martin would have been another William Gary Simpson.

Rollin Oliver, Trayvon Martin, Tyrone Woodfork & Genetics: The Pro-blem w/ Black Males is More than Lack of Positive Role Models; Just ask officer Celena Hollis, George Zimmerman & Nancy & Bob Strait!

(Left) Crip Rollin Oliver killed Denver Police Officer Celina Hollis; (Middle) Trouble maker Trayvon Martin’s suspicious activity caught eye of quick thinking Neighborhood Watch Captain George Zimmerman; (Right) Tulsa Black Foot Soldier Tyrone Woodfork raped, robbed & killed  Nancy & Bob Strait in the name of Black On White (BOW) reparations; If so many opportunities exist for young black males, why do so many of them still turn to violence & the anti American thug culture responsible for our country’s moral decay?

According to the Henry J. Kiser Family Foundation, The experiences of young African American men differ in
many ways from those of young men of other racial and ethnic groups; and yet are similar in other respects. This fact sheet, based largely on information collected from government sources such as the U.S. Census, National Vital Statistics System, and national surveys, examines the experiences of young African American men in education, employment, and the criminal justice system. It also compares how they fare in health coverage and health status with that of young men of other racial/ethnic groups. Read more of this post

Trying to steal? That sudden rush said to be felt when you’re trying to steal but don’t have enough time to slip it into your pockets before the cashier sees you is what Trayvon looks like he’s feeling here

New Video Suggest Trayvon Paid for Skittles & Tea, But Sluggish Behavior & THC in Blood Suggest He Smoked Weed on Way to Store & Why Did He Wear Hoodie IN Store? Was He Trying to Intimidate Clerk?

Upon seeing the newly released video from the convenience store that suggests Trayvon did actually pay for the Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea found in his possession immediately before his encounter with George Zimmerman, I look forward to reading your retraction of your unfounded claim that Trayvon Martin stole the item,” PASC commenter “M”. Read more of this post

“I’d very much like to know where a 17 year old gets money for tattoos & gold teeth? Did he have a job? If so, wasn’t that affected when he went to stay with his father (in another town?) If he didn’t have a job, did his parents give him money for grills & ink? Heck, I don’t have money for tattoos, much less gold teeth & my family is “middle class.”

Because of the keenness in her observation, I’m pulling PASC commentor Angela Beegle’s comments from the comment section on my “Ladies & Gents, introducing the Real Trayvon Martin: From Miami, was “SLIMM (@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA)” on Twitter, was suspend-ed from school for 10 days FOR DRUGS & killed by George Zimmer-man (after stealing Skittles from store?) while visiting his dad in Sanford” post to showcase them.

My response: Angela,

These are VERY good points! I don’t think ANY parent would GIVE their kids $$$ for tattoos and gold teeth. Look at his dad’s right arm in the picture above. It looks like he’s “tatted up” too. So it’s likely he embraced the same anti-white thug culture Trayvon embraced. Thanks for an EXCELLENT observation that we should ALL take into consideration! Wolfgang

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Were “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” Trayvon’s Fingerprints Found in Retreat at Twin Lakes Burglaries: Was Thug Responsible for Crime Spike During Week Visiting Dad? PeopleAgainstShittyCop (PASC) Wants to Know!

What crimes were committed in the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community the week 17-year-old high school senior Trayvon Martin was ‘visiting his dad’ because he’d received a 10 day suspension from school for drug paraphernalia?

Have the much (unfairly) criticized Sanford Police compared Trayvon’s fingerprints against any fingerprints found at any crimes scenes that occurred during that week?

With the reality that the “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” Martin had embraced the anti white black thug culture that champions black on white (BOW) crimes, openly disrespects whites in positions of authority and ridicules customary American traditions, we should and now have to treat the white hating, rebellious teen in the manner that he was presenting himself to us: as a criminal!

Here’s what we know: Zimmerman has been a neighborhood watch activist for over a year, and in that time in the 260-unit complex there has been well over 400 calls to the police, including a number of home break-ins, almost exclusively crimes committed by young men. (Link) Read more of this post