No Death Penalty for Obama other son (Trayvon Martin brother) Tyrone Woodfork in”elderly white man murder & raping wife” for Black Foot Soldier Slavery Reparations cos Critical Race Theory said he could!

p1sc-tw_1nd_th2_str13tsTULSA – A man charged with brutally attacking an elderly couple, raping the woman and beating the man, is not facing the death penalty.

Trayvon THC in Blood

(Trayvon) Not the ‘innocent’ and ‘sweet” teen the mainstream media tried to introduce us to, huh?

Assistant District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said he will not pursue the death penalty for Tyrone Woodfork, who is jailed in connection with the March 2012 death of 84-year-old Nancy Strait, because of Woodfork’s “mental limitations.”

Woodfork, now 21, is charged with first-degree murder and first-degree rape in Strait’s death and sexual assault. Her husband, 90-year-old Bob Strait,  was severely beaten.  He died less than two months later.

“There was much debate within our office as to whether we should seek the death penalty on this defendant because of the egregious nature of the crime and the age of Ms. Strait,” said First Assistant District Attorney Doug Drummond. “But ultimately the fact he had a borderline IQ score, as well as other mental history, led us to our decision.”

No Death Penalty Penalty for Obama’s  other son Tyrone Woodfork for “murdering elderly white man & raping wife” for his Black Foot Soldier Slavery Reparations because Critical Race Theory said he could!

Rollin Oliver, Trayvon Martin, Tyrone Woodfork & Genetics: The Pro-blem w/ Black Males is More than Lack of Positive Role Models; Just ask officer Celena Hollis, George Zimmerman & Nancy & Bob Strait!

(Left) Crip Rollin Oliver killed Denver Police Officer Celina Hollis; (Middle) Trouble maker Trayvon Martin’s suspicious activity caught eye of quick thinking Neighborhood Watch Captain George Zimmerman; (Right) Tulsa Black Foot Soldier Tyrone Woodfork raped, robbed & killed  Nancy & Bob Strait in the name of Black On White (BOW) reparations; If so many opportunities exist for young black males, why do so many of them still turn to violence & the anti American thug culture responsible for our country’s moral decay?

According to the Henry J. Kiser Family Foundation, The experiences of young African American men differ in
many ways from those of young men of other racial and ethnic groups; and yet are similar in other respects. This fact sheet, based largely on information collected from government sources such as the U.S. Census, National Vital Statistics System, and national surveys, examines the experiences of young African American men in education, employment, and the criminal justice system. It also compares how they fare in health coverage and health status with that of young men of other racial/ethnic groups. Read more of this post