(WARNING) On Eve Of Anniversary Of Black Foot Soldier Insurgent Maurice Clemmons Strike On The Lakewood 4, Anti White Domestic Insurgency Movement Calls For New Martyr To “Catch The Holy Ghost” And Kill More Of Our Men In Blue?

Is “Catch The Holy Ghost” the new Black Foot Soldier (BFS) code speak for “kill white Police Officers” and “kill whitey?” New friend of Peopleagainstshittycop Adolf Gobineau says it’s the new “lingo” or “Ebonics” the anti white BFS insurgency is using on the streets to call for a new “martyr” to step up to the plate and “kill more of the men in blue who protect us.”

What’s worse is it appears the Black Foot Soldiers are calling for “potential martyrs” to “catch the Holy Ghost” on the first anniversary of the Forza Coffee Shop massacre on the revamped Blackmalefelon site.

Those of us who love America remember it was the Blackmalefelon site that first declared the racist mass murderer Clemmons was rewarded 288 virgins in heaven (72 for each cop he killed) and published he was “already getting his dick sucked in heaven.”  I’ve already contacted my local Police Department and let them know our Officers should be aware that Black Foot Soldier Insurgents will be looking to join their “Martyrdome” on November 29th. Read more of this post