People Against Shittycop (Facebook!)

Shittycop was set up by and is a community of  ignorant hatemongers who don’t know the definition of right.These bloggers deserve to be taken off of the Internet. Insulting police officers and saying and I quote “John Pawlowski meets the right nigga. Wrong nigga to fuck with.” is a complete insult to this country. How could anyone praise a cop being killed. I’m here to protest that these blogs be taken off of the internet. (Link)

2 Responses to People Against Shittycop (Facebook!)

  1. cfs says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    This might be the stupidest thing I have ever read… its hilarious though, a white guy (I can only presume) has been breed by Fox News to pose completely false facts as questions ( Trayvon’s Dad taught him anti-white rhetoric? and Trayvon stole skittles from store?) You are a incredible example of a white man feeling sypathy for white people, and persecuting all others

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