Did racist, anti white America President Barack Hussein Obama hand pick Eric Shinseki, a Japanese American, to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs so he’d revenge US for dropping atom bomb on Hiroshima?



PASC-did_4b1m1_1pp43nt_sh2nc2k3From the evidence it becomes abundantly clear that this situation, neglet of our Veterans and the hospitals that are suppose to be taking care of them not doing it, is precisely what Obama wanted when he appointed this third generation Hiroshima sympathizer Shinseki to office. But for Obama’s darkest desire: to hurt white America and our country it goes deeper.

Obama’s nomination of this this third generation certainly Hiroshima sympathizer most likely was most likely driven by the fact that he is still holding us accountable for his grandfather being jailed by British troops in 1949 and allegedly being brutally whipped for aiding the violent struggle for Kenyan independence . So cutting to the chase of it all, in Obama’s nomination of Shinseki, he was apparently looking someone who like himself who has a racial grudge against us. Read more of this post