Brave Mom of Family of BRUTAL Black On White Hate Crime Speaks Out Despite Fears of Reprisals from RACIST Black Supremacists!

The mother of black on white murder victim Saskia Burke is speaking out about the hate crime that took her beautiful teenage daughter’s life and the fear of reprisals from violent black supremacists who may want to eliminate witnesses or just finish the job of anti white racist and killer killer William Gary Burke

I am Catherine Burke: the VICTIM of a Violent (BLACK ON WHITE) HATE Crime & the mother of a MURDERED Child! The killer came in our home to kill my ‘inferior’ (white) family stabbing my daughter (Saskia) 9 times! Now, because he can contact OTHER BLACK SUPREMACISTS who can come to kill us, it could all happen again!

20,000 “SACRIFICED” IN THE NAME OF “DIVERSITY” IN THE NEXT 13 YEARS! Will you, your parents or child be 1 of them? (Whiteigniters)

Black Foot Soldiers Promise Halloween Reparations Protests

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US Government Officials Set To Review Spate Of Deadly Attacks On Our Police Dubbed “War On Pops,” But Need Look No Further Than Shittycop & The Black Foot Soldiers

US government officials are set to review a spate of deadly attacks on police officers that has been dubbed a “war on cops”.

A series of shootings has left 15 officers dead in January alone – with 11 killed in one 24-hour period alone.

The US Department of Justice said it will study whether the behaviour of officers, deficits in training or financial cut-backs could have contributed to the number of fatalities. (Source)

THE BLACK FOOT SOLDIERS! A RACIST “TERRORIST” ORGANIZATION THAT CLAIMS IT’S NOT RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA? (WhiteIgniters Publishes Youtube Documentary On Black Foot Soldier Call For Violence Against Us & Our Police)

“Here we have an example of someone (Creaux Steele) who doesn’t get it(!)” Rue St Michel Takes Stand Against Shittycop!

Fighter for justice and defender of the American way Rue St Michel is taking a stand against Creaux Steele and Shittycop! I copied and pasted a little below:

ShittyCop is a website you should get to know. …. . … . The site is obviously run by someone with a solid understanding of Black Liberation Theology, mixed with a strain of radical black activism. It’s one of the most racist websites I’ve ever seen.  … . … . … . Here we have an example of someone who doesn’t get it(!) (original post) Read more of this post

SPLC Updates List of Active Black Hate Groups With Black Foot Soldier Insurgency & Warning: Despite Myths, Whites, Too, Are Often Hate Crime Victims

"ALL WHITES R TERRORIST" - Black Foot Soldier Propaganda

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has added the Black Foot Soldiers (BFS) to their list of Black Hate Groups Americans should be aware of. The full list includes: the Nation Of Islam, the New Black Panther Party, The Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors/All Eyes on Egipt Bookstore Trust and now the National Black Foot Soldier Network. Read more of this post