Will Shittycop Celebrate Death of Denver Police Officer Celena Hollis? Was her killer (Rollin Oliver another Trayvon “Trouble Maker” Martin) a brave Black Foot Soldier looking forward to killing a “Racist White Pig” but who ended up killing one of his beautiful black “sistas'” Instead?

Suspect in officer shooting described as ‘polite neighborhood kid’

DENVER — The 21-year-old man arrested in connection with the shooting death of Denver Police Officer Celena Hollis was charged with a weapons offense in 2008 as a juvenile, CALL7 Investigators have learned.

7NEWS found Rollin Oliver’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, where he uses the nickname “Boogie” and posted photographs showing him throwing apparent gang signs.  (Suspect in Officer’s Slaying had Juvenile Weapons Charge)

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If not a dead white cop, a white US GI that’s been killed will do! Shittycop now glorifying killings of US GIs & all white Americans killed under any circumstances! But only whites are racists, right?

If you haven’t signed one of our petitions against Creaux Steele and his Shittycop publication then you’re just as culpable for their racism as he and the Black Foot Soldiers are.

How can they stoop lower than glorifying the killing of our brave men in blue? The only way to sink lower than this would be to glorify when our service members are killed in combat or by roadside bombs. Well, if their latest graphic isn’t enough to make you puke and get you motivated, then this certainly will, Racist US Military Regime Terrorist Marine Jordan Bastean Eats Warmongering Just Desserts In Afghan’s Helmand Province; Blacks Against White America (BAWA) Condem Bastean For Crimes Against Afghan People, Give Thanks To God For Violent Death .

Shittycop.Baywords.com Down, Hopefully Out! (I can’t get word on whether it’s forever yet but Baywords has been down for about 3 months now. Let’s hope it’s permanent!)

THE BLACK FOOT SOLDIERS! A RACIST “TERRORIST” ORGANIZATION THAT CLAIMS IT’S NOT RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA? (WhiteIgniters Publishes Youtube Documentary On Black Foot Soldier Call For Violence Against Us & Our Police)

“Here we have an example of someone (Creaux Steele) who doesn’t get it(!)” Rue St Michel Takes Stand Against Shittycop!

Fighter for justice and defender of the American way Rue St Michel is taking a stand against Creaux Steele and Shittycop! I copied and pasted a little below:

ShittyCop is a website you should get to know. …. . … . The site is obviously run by someone with a solid understanding of Black Liberation Theology, mixed with a strain of radical black activism. It’s one of the most racist websites I’ve ever seen.  … . … . … . Here we have an example of someone who doesn’t get it(!) (original post) Read more of this post

“Blogs like Shittycop only encourage further terrorism in my state and all other places around the sea of humanity.” … “The rules of SuprBay (which those aren’t, by the way) are no more relevant to blogs on BayWords than the rules of Scrabble.”

ShittycopIs this Baywords blog Shittycop really

17th November 2010, 14:20
Post: #1

Okay, folks I know you’re all for free speech.
You’re all anti-corporate this and anti-corporate that. Okay, full
disclosure: A relative of mine helps beat the living greenbacks out of
But I am asking you for help. I want you to take a long look at http://ShittyCop.baywords.com.
fact, if I posted most of the material on that site here on this
forum you say you’d “attempt to edit or remove” the blog posting
because the “messages” are “containing inappropriate, sexually
orientated, abusive, hateful, slanderous, or threatening material that
could be considered invasive of a persons privacy, or which otherwise
violate any kind of law”.
What Shittycop is all about is NOT exposing police brutality – but
encouraging police brutality. As with other blog service providers –
such as WordPress – Shittycop makes grand headlines and then in fine
print calls for violence against police & urination during their
funerals. Clearly well beyond “inappropriate” into the “hateful” and
“threatening” level.
My hope is that you guys will look into this. Especially since:
a) November the 29th will be a very solemn day in Washington State when
we remember that four (4) coppers were KIA because they were cops by
Maurice Clemmons. Shittycop glorifies that – and other terror attacks.
In fact, I’m one of the Tier One operators chasing this nut off the Internet and already got a
few of its blogs shut down for stuff like taking a real person’s name
w/o consent, calling for violence against police, using webpage
material w/o consent, etcetera.
b) Blogs like Shittycop only encourage further terrorism in my state
and all other places around the sea of humanity. I’m sure Baywords
wants no part of anything
that could lead to a copycat attack to reprise the events documented
here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakewood_po…r_shooting.

hope you do the right thing. Thanks! Read more of this post