Black Foot Soldiers declare: “THERE ARE NO INNOCENT WHITES!”

Will Shittycop Celebrate Death of Denver Police Officer Celena Hollis? Was her killer (Rollin Oliver another Trayvon “Trouble Maker” Martin) a brave Black Foot Soldier looking forward to killing a “Racist White Pig” but who ended up killing one of his beautiful black “sistas'” Instead?

Suspect in officer shooting described as ‘polite neighborhood kid’

DENVER — The 21-year-old man arrested in connection with the shooting death of Denver Police Officer Celena Hollis was charged with a weapons offense in 2008 as a juvenile, CALL7 Investigators have learned.

7NEWS found Rollin Oliver’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, where he uses the nickname “Boogie” and posted photographs showing him throwing apparent gang signs.  (Suspect in Officer’s Slaying had Juvenile Weapons Charge)

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(HEADLINE:) (Shittycop EXCLUSIVE) Racist Brevard County Sheriff Regime Terrorist Barbara Pill Meets Right Nigga! Brevard County Soldier Brandon Lee Bradley Hailed Hero in Daring Stand Against White Police Terror! “Pill was a tremendous threat to brothers & sisters in our community. We are all happy she’s dead & can’t threaten our parents & children any longer.” 

(Excerpt) “If you looked in our rearview mirror and saw this obese white devil who dressed in blue, donned a badge, wore a gun and dared to call herself a police officer – as our courageous brother Bradley did – would you shoot first and ask questions later or wait for your rights to be violated and quite possibly your rights to be taken.” Brevard County Black Foot Soldier William English asked.

Acclaimed & controversial Web commentator Mike Shields (Mike Shields on God and calls National Black Foot Soldier Network what it is: a black hate group!

“A rise in the number of militias since Obama took office is not surprising, particularly in light of the Gunwalker scandal, where Atty. General Holder was caught red handed conducting a false flag operation in an effort to produce more restrictive gun control legislation. As a result, gun sales have gone through the roof,” Mike says – and it’s good to see a white commentator with the guts to call Holder out on his unabashed anti white racism!

“The surprising thing about the increase in the number of militias is that the growth has been explosive; from 149 militias in 2008 to 1274 today.” He says. But what’s the reason for the explosive growth in white militias? Shield proves the case for this in simple elementary language that even an kid can follow: Read more of this post

WhiteIGNITERS Calls Racist National Black Foot Soldier Network To Carpet Over Hate Celebration Of Ethan Nichols & Carissa Horton

(MUST READ!) Political Commentator Michelle Malkin’s, “The War on Cops;” (THEN SEE!) “We must perceive all whites with badges & guns as State commissioned racial terrorists & whites who own guns as racial terrorists,” the Black Foot Soldiers; It’ Sounds Like The Black Foot Soldiers Have Declared The War To Me. Protect Yourself!

Above you see the anti law enforcement & anti white hate speech of the Black Foot Soldier Network that calls on all its members and all blacks to see "white police" as "racial terrorists."

The left’s police-hating chickens are coming home to roost. While partisan liberals have gone out of their way to blame conservative media and the Tea Party movement for creating a “climate of hate,” they are silent on the cultural and literal war on cops that has raged for decades — and escalated tragically this year.

The total number of law enforcement officers shot and killed this year is up 19 percent over last year, according to the Christian Science Monitor. More officers have died in ambush incidents this year than in any other since 2000.

The Lakewood, Wash., massacre on Thanksgiving weekend claimed the lives of four dedicated officers getting ready for work at a coffee shop Sunday morning. Maurice Clemmons — the violent career thug who received clemency from former Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee and benefited from fatal systemic lapses in the criminal justice system — had many other enablers.

Clemmons had told numerous friends and family members to “watch the TV” before the massacre because he was going to “kill a bunch of cops.” The witnesses did worse than nothing. Several have been arrested for actively aiding and abetting Clemmons — with shelter, food, money and medical aid — before he was discovered in Seattle early Tuesday morning and shot after threatening a patrol officer investigating Clemmons’ stolen vehicle.

A militant online group called the National Black Foot Soldier Network celebrated Clemmons as a “Crowned BOW (Black on White) Martyr” and dubbed the Lakewood ambush a “preemptive strike on terrorists.” It wasn’t the only chilling propaganda cheering black-on-white police murders in the Pacific Northwest this year. (The War On Cops)

Does New Black Foot Soldier 2011 Black History Month Ad Portraying Violent Malcom X “By Any Means Necessary” Imagery With 3 White Police Officers Laughing At Street Miral Of Oscar Grant Encourage Violence Against Our Police? I Think It Does And Have Contacted The FBI And DHS. Have You?

Does Latest Black Foot Soldier 2011 Black History Month Ad Portraying Violent Malcom X “By Any Means Necessary” Imagery With Three White Police Officers Laughing At Street Miral Of Oscar Grant Encourage Violence Against Our Police?

I Think It Does And Have Contacted The FBI And DHS. Have You?