Trying to steal? That sudden rush said to be felt when you’re trying to steal but don’t have enough time to slip it into your pockets before the cashier sees you is what Trayvon looks like he’s feeling here

“I’d very much like to know where a 17 year old gets money for tattoos & gold teeth? Did he have a job? If so, wasn’t that affected when he went to stay with his father (in another town?) If he didn’t have a job, did his parents give him money for grills & ink? Heck, I don’t have money for tattoos, much less gold teeth & my family is “middle class.”

Because of the keenness in her observation, I’m pulling PASC commentor Angela Beegle’s comments from the comment section on my “Ladies & Gents, introducing the Real Trayvon Martin: From Miami, was “SLIMM (@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA)” on Twitter, was suspend-ed from school for 10 days FOR DRUGS & killed by George Zimmer-man (after stealing Skittles from store?) while visiting his dad in Sanford” post to showcase them.

My response: Angela,

These are VERY good points! I don’t think ANY parent would GIVE their kids $$$ for tattoos and gold teeth. Look at his dad’s right arm in the picture above. It looks like he’s “tatted up” too. So it’s likely he embraced the same anti-white thug culture Trayvon embraced. Thanks for an EXCELLENT observation that we should ALL take into consideration! Wolfgang

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More Evidence of Trayvon Martin Stealing & Breaking into Houses? “He was suspended 3 times this school year. He was reportedly suspended for drawing graffiti on school grounds. And when he was searched, jewelry and other items, including a screwdriver, were found in his bag.”

Were “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” Trayvon’s Fingerprints Found in Retreat at Twin Lakes Burglaries: Was Thug Responsible for Crime Spike During Week Visiting Dad? PeopleAgainstShittyCop (PASC) Wants to Know!

What crimes were committed in the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community the week 17-year-old high school senior Trayvon Martin was ‘visiting his dad’ because he’d received a 10 day suspension from school for drug paraphernalia?

Have the much (unfairly) criticized Sanford Police compared Trayvon’s fingerprints against any fingerprints found at any crimes scenes that occurred during that week?

With the reality that the “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” Martin had embraced the anti white black thug culture that champions black on white (BOW) crimes, openly disrespects whites in positions of authority and ridicules customary American traditions, we should and now have to treat the white hating, rebellious teen in the manner that he was presenting himself to us: as a criminal!

Here’s what we know: Zimmerman has been a neighborhood watch activist for over a year, and in that time in the 260-unit complex there has been well over 400 calls to the police, including a number of home break-ins, almost exclusively crimes committed by young men. (Link) Read more of this post

Trayvon Martin “Florida Black Foot Soldier Link” ESTABLISHED! “No Limit Nigga’ Lingo is Popular Florida Black Foot Soldier Slang for “Black On White (BOW) Crime:” Had Teen Embraced Anti White Black Thug Culture & Did He Have Problem w/Whites in Positions of Authority?

It’s becoming more and more evident that 17-teen-year-old Trayvon Martin had fully embraced the anti white black thug culture that is so pervasive here in our country and that is, in fact, largely responsible for rotting the morals of our youth.

What could be even more alarming than this? I’ve just learned that the youth’s “no limit nigga” lingo -lingo that was found on his Twitter account – is actually POPULAR slang used by the Florida Black Foot Soldiers when they are talking about what they call “black on white (BOW) reparations protests.’  A references is even found on their Website!

For those of you who don’t know, Black Foot Soldier BOW reparations protests are actully black on white robberies. They use lingo like this to mask their support of their support of crime and violence against whites for any reason.

What’s most important for us to all remember here? It’s most important to remember that the anti white black thug culture that Trayvon embraced emphatically hates white people and has ZERO respect for whites in positions of authority.

(UPDATE) Ladies & Gents, introducing the Real Trayvon Martin: From Miami, was “SLIMM (@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA)” on Twitter, was suspend-ed from school for 10 days FOR DRUGS & killed by George Zimmer-man (after stealing Skittles from store?) while visiting his dad in Sanford

Aside from my own piece questioning whether 17-year-old Trayvon Martin stole the Skittles he reportedly had in his possession when he was killed, the most accurate journalism I’ve found that gives us a complete representation of who Martin was is titled “Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?” It’s written by Dan Linehan. An excerpt’s below:

The media narrative being sold is quite clear, Trayvon Martin is the innocent victim here and George Zimmerman is a horrible bigot who attacked the young man for doing nothing more than buying skittles while being black. Even Barack Obama seems to accept the fresh-faced innocence of Trayvon, stating, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” More on that later.It’s becoming more and more clear however that the innocent appearance the mainstream media is so desperate to apply to Trayvon isn’t at all accurate. The picture we’re used to seeing to represent Trayvon Martin appears to be a far cry from how he actually looked once he was a few years older.

Linehan’s discourse  shows how the young, black male was pro black ghetto culture (which translates to anti white), had riddled his body with tattoos, was (as noted in the headline) suspended from school in Miami and visisting his dad in Sanford and details some of the violence toward authority in his past.

When you connect all the dots, not only had he probably stolen the Skittles, he may actually have become threatening to Zimmerman – who, yes, is responsible for getting the ball rolling.

(NEW) Trayvon Martin Facebook Image w/Cap “to the Back” & Wear-ing ALL BLACK Show Intimidating Menace to Society We’d All Fear!



But IMO, these new Facebook photos the liberal media’s been hiding from us show this ‘good kid’s’ true nature. He wanted to be seen as a menace to society and that’s EXACTLY how George Zimmerman saw him. That Trayvon only had Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea doesn’t mean he WASN’T out walking through the Twin Lakes gated community TRYING to intentionally look threatening to the predominately non-black residents there.

SEE: Your son would look like this, President Obama? Really? New Trayvon Martin Facebook Photos Show He WANTED to be a Menace to Society