Were “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” Trayvon’s Fingerprints Found in Retreat at Twin Lakes Burglaries: Was Thug Responsible for Crime Spike During Week Visiting Dad? PeopleAgainstShittyCop (PASC) Wants to Know!

What crimes were committed in the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community the week 17-year-old high school senior Trayvon Martin was ‘visiting his dad’ because he’d received a 10 day suspension from school for drug paraphernalia?

Have the much (unfairly) criticized Sanford Police compared Trayvon’s fingerprints against any fingerprints found at any crimes scenes that occurred during that week?

With the reality that the “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” Martin had embraced the anti white black thug culture that champions black on white (BOW) crimes, openly disrespects whites in positions of authority and ridicules customary American traditions, we should and now have to treat the white hating, rebellious teen in the manner that he was presenting himself to us: as a criminal!

Here’s what we know: Zimmerman has been a neighborhood watch activist for over a year, and in that time in the 260-unit complex there has been well over 400 calls to the police, including a number of home break-ins, almost exclusively crimes committed by young men. (Link)

But on the night in question, what was  Martin really up to? PASC commenter TheCapitalistArmy, IMO, helps put this whole thing into perspective:

Now, as most of you probably DON’T know, this shooting occurred at night, in the rain. Zimmerman was out there on neighborhood watch, sitting in his car looking for suspicious people. Now why was Trayvon out there? To get skittles and iced tea? When’s the last time you walked through the rain, at night, for skittles and tea?

Trayvon was NOT the perfect angel that the media is painting him out to be, as you can see from the above. He was a 17 year old, 6’3” MAN. Do your own homework if you don’t believe me; everything I’ve said is real. Now the witnesses are saying he attacked Zimmerman, and Zimmerman even says Trayvon tried to grab his gun. If Zimmerman only followed him to kill him, why would he call 911 before hand? Likely Zimmerman just went to ask what Trayvon was doing there. Why would Trayvon respond in such a violent manner unless he had something to hide? Let me spell it out for your morons: Trayvon was most likely out there either buying or dealing drugs and was scared of getting caught by Zimmerman, scared enough to attack him.

Ask yourself why anyone would be out there alone, at night, in the rain. Zimmerman had an excuse; he was sitting in his car watching over his neighborhood for suspicious looking people like Trayvon (give me a break with the hoodie shit; anyone walking at night in the rain with their face hidden is suspicious no matter what the color). What was Trayvon’s exuse, skittles and iced tea? Out at night in the rain? Are you really that gullible? Stop believing everything the media feeds you and do some critical thinking and research of your own. (Link)

Blacks are tied to this thing emotionally. But if you can’t see things clearly and you’re one of the estimated 32,000,000 whites who voted for Obama because he’s black and are now supporting Trayvon Martin for same reason, that’s racist!

My vote’s with TheCapitalistArmy: stop believing everything the media feeds you and do some critical thinking and research of your own.

About cardinalangel
What Shittycop is all about is NOT exposing police brutality - but encouraging police brutality. As with other blog service providers - such as Wordpress - Shittycop makes grand headlines and then in fine print calls for violence against police & urination during their funerals. Clearly well beyond "inappropriate" into the "hateful" and "threatening" level.

25 Responses to Were “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” Trayvon’s Fingerprints Found in Retreat at Twin Lakes Burglaries: Was Thug Responsible for Crime Spike During Week Visiting Dad? PeopleAgainstShittyCop (PASC) Wants to Know!

  1. Veeto says:

    Hi, i feel that i noticed you visited my site so i got here to “go back the choose”.I’m trying to find issues to enhance my site!I assume its adequate to make use of some of your ideas!!

    • Ibetyouclaimthiswebsiteisntracist says:

      if this website is attempting to convince people of anything, you should know that the photoshops of a dead guy only appeal to those that already agree. Anyone on the fence is completely turned away by that crap.

  2. so now it is a crime to walk to the store in the rain,this whole situation is being exploited by left wing and right wing people looking to further their own agendas no one is clean in this Zimmerman is just another paranoid jerk and i am sure the young man in question was no prize either but when did minding ones own damn buisness become extinct in this country

  3. Rita G says:

    Another thug blown away before he just escalated into the crime world. I’m only concerned for the innocent. Namely Zimmerman!

    • Rita,

      That’s a VERY ugly comment – but unfortunately there’s more truth to it than falsehood.

      Cardinalangel, Wolfgang Yric
      PASC publisher

    • Kelly Payne says:


    • Its Funny How The White Man Tries To Make All Black Men Seem Bad .But Really its The White man The First President ever was Black & The White Man Somehow Found a way to take that out of our kids social studies book. It took a white woman to take god’s teaching out our kids schools .The white man tried to kill tupac because they felt he knew to much , Because they cant stand a African American who stands up for what they believe . White people are morons who i solemnly swear will be extinct one day . 🙂 And as for Zimmerman a Wetback will be a Wetback the only thing there good for is manual cheap labor that why he had his “NeighborHoodWatch” Job for so long they wouldnt dare promote a wet back to chief . Oh yeah you guys failed to mention the Useless wetback didnt even have a Green Card . That makes him a alien Dummy’s. R.I.P. Trayvon M.

      • Kwaje, you’re a fucking racist! Now that that is out if the way. Assuming he did steal the Skittles (no one keeps a receipt for skittles!) AND he was out selling a bag of weed or whatever… So what. That is not even a felony, especially if your a minor. Walking in the rain with a hoodie on? Not suspicious. Matter of fact hoodies are perfectly legal to wear even in 100 degree weather if it so pleases you! The police told Zimmerman to not pursue Trayvon. Trayvon may be somewhat tall at 6′ but he was skinny. Not the huge man he is often depicted as. If he was so big then why did Zimmerman defy the police by continuing to harass Trayvon? The bloody nose and scratches on the back of his head are not a sign Zimmerman was fighting for his life it was evidence he started shit with someone and they punched him in the nose. The scratches actually worry me as a sign that Trayvon may have been trying to desperately escape Zimmerman in an attempt to preserve his own life. I’m white (felt like that needed to be said) and this case, as a hoodie wearing, skittle eating pot smoker… scares the shit out of me and reeks of injustice. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. I hope George Zimmerman does go to jail someday. And I hope he suffers long for what he has done. I’m reminded of an Ice Cube song called “No Vaseline”.

  4. Rachel Rodriguez says:

    So much of this is wrong, it’s laughable. Zimmerman was not on neighborhood watch patrol, he says he was running an errand. No witness (at least of yet) says they saw Martin attack Zimmerman *that is, initate any sort of attack). No one has said Zimmerman’s intent was to kill him, so that deflates that argument. Why wouldn’t Martin be skeptical about a man approaching him? If you have heard about what the female said who was on the phone with Martin, he believed the guy was following him. That would frighten most people. And Zimmerman’s own 911 callmakes it clear that Martin was trying to run away from Zimmerman. So if Martin was intent on attacking Zimmerman, why didn’t he do it when Zimmerman says he was the closest to him? Why would someone be outside alone at 7 PM? You’re kidding me right? Go out in any city at 7PM and you can see people walking alone. If skittles and iced tea weren’t what Martin was out for, why did he go the store at ll then? And why did he take a direct path back to his house then? He was killed within about about a hundred feet of his house. Now I have no idea what happened that night, but your argument falls so quickly to pieces it’s laughable.

    • Alan Spicer says:

      You need to get your yard stick out. He was killed within 120 yards (yards, not feet) of his Dads Fiancée’s home. He, Trayvon, went back the WRONG WAY looking to deliver “trouble” to the man he was sooooo afraid of. Aside from a gun he wasn’t afraid of jack shit. And he didn’t know about the gun. He wasn’t afraid of Zimmerman he was being “smart assed” towards Zimmerman. He ran to play a game. Should have ran straight home. But he didn’t. That whole sidewalk was a football field in length … actually in width too if you take in the buildings and setbacks.

  5. Alan Spicer says:

    Rachel R,
    125 + yards, not feet, from his fathers fiance / girlfriends house. Which kind of ruins the “Martin going straight home” line of thinking. If I’m scared (and I’m 50) and my door is within 100 or so yards … I’m bolting for the front door.

  6. glory says:

    Dear Mr. Capitalist, you are so right. Mr. Trayvon actually looks older than Mr. George. And hopefully everybody gets to find out about his school records which his mother had sealed.I read alot of it before she sealed them.OMG he was a thug getting ready to graduate to serial killer college. Please America open your eyes George Zimmerman is not a guilty young man. My prayers go out to Zimmerman and his lovely family. God bless.

  7. Kelly Payne says:

    you people are bunch of dumb asses i have gone to the store in the rain before a lot of people have. trayvon was not sluggish in the store he was walking normally and he is seen paying for his purchases. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO SEE A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. HIS SCHOOL RECORDS ARE IRRELEVANT. SO WHAT IF HE SMOKED WEED DAYS OR WEEKS BEFORE HE WAS KILLED. AND HE DOESN’T LOOK OLDER THE ZIMMURDER HE LOOKS LIKE A TEENAGER. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF PERVERTED DIRT BAGS TRYING TO MAKE EXCUSES FOR A MURDERER.

  8. Tionna says:

    Blacks may be tied emotionally because unfortunately, ignorant dumb asses such as some of you leaving comments and the genius/dumb ass that wrote this shit. Anybody with compassion for the loss of life should be “emotionally tied”. Who knows what Trayvon could have been…

  9. Miriam says:

    I must say this is the most DISGUSTING article ive read! Its a racist, insensitive piece of literary shit! How can you asswholes question whether that paranoid wanna be cop Zimmerman had right to murder an unarmed child! So what he didnt have a gun huh? He was black and “looked suspicious” Please! You just like Zimmerman and just like those who agree have a special section in hell for you All! Ultimately justice will be for Trayvon

  10. Wow says:


  11. Alex says:

    Wow, this article was surely written by a creepy ass racist cracker. How this motherfucker has twisted words in this article to utter nothing but , lies about the occurrences of that night, which have been proven and detailed already.

    This is the kind of venom against the perfect race that these cracker are feeding the masses in order to create more perfect race hating white crackers.

    Just like Zimerman this creepy ass cracker who wrote the above article, lies.

    It is only logical that those who support a murderer are just like them. This is pure logic.

    This is why you have so many upset whites over the outcome of this case. Because they are not racist and see beyond the color of our skins.

    Sadly it will keep on happening , because the perfect race is not being guided properly as to how address this situation. They have no guidance, just screamers like al sharpton. These people will keep on protesting and whites and cops will continue to kill the perfect race.

    Too much to teach sill, but I leave it at that.
    If there is still no racism, why do the white man still teach in school that it was a white man who discovered electricity when it was a brother slave? Because America is a racist nation.

  12. Dave K says:

    White guy here… if it matters to you.

    People are people wherever you go, and a scumbag is a “scumbag” regardless of nationality, hertiage, culture, ethnicity, background, or race.

    You can’t judge a book by its cover, but a first impression speaks louder than words.

    Birds of a feather flock together, and you never see a bluejay in a robin’s nest.

    The united slums of american, one big giant ghetto, like chicago or detroit. NOT

    Not guilty = not good enough? The stand your ground law? Well lets change that. We cater and cater to folks, give and give, and try to accomodate, appease, and they bitch and bitch and keep bitchin’ like the cry wolf story.

    The biased absurd comments that some people have made about this Trayvon / Zimmerman incident has forced people to take sides, they have become so defensive, and it really has distanced blacks and whites to an absolute total division of huminity. When someone is full of crap, they always will be full of it. We as Americans have taken a few steps back from diversity now and for some time to come, maybe years!!! You can see the hatred in their eyes… you can feel the tension, the animosity, the rage, etc. I have self segregated myself in fear of being attacked and I would now rather be excluded from all of it. I avoid people and certainly any converstaions about race whatsoever. I am moving in 3 weeks to a predominantly white neighborhood where I originally grew up. I can’t wait…

    My buddy was punched in the face two weeks ago after merely asking two black teenagers what time it was. Yes, he was carrying a handgun legally with a conceal permit, and he told me that he had time to react, but he gracefully walked away. He said, the disrespectful teenagers in fact yelled Trayvon immediately after the punch. Nevertheless, the teens were apprehended and arrested charged with assault and disorderly conduct, but NO ethnic intimidation. It wasn’t in the news!!! They both paid a $300 fine at the preliminary hearing, and that’s it!!!

  13. John says:

    What I want to know is why Zimmerman went after Treyvon after the police specifically told him not to. Of course he was doing his job but Treyvon wouldn’t be dead if he had done what the COPS told him to do.

  14. Zimmerman is a BITCH ! Lol and a National joke . What man feels Powerful when he beats up his pregnant Gf .Only a Bitch & A Mexican Bitch at That

  15. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Lol “Most” / “Majority” Of White Women Are Racist Right ? So Why is 26% of Their Precious Caucasian Women Dating African American Men ? I’ll tell you.. Because White Women Are Harletts, Whores, Sluts, Dummy’s , & Pushovers .You See “White People” Invented Porn. Because they got Bored with Their relationships Quick .White Women Cant stay with White Men Because Their Not Enough “Man” For Their HighClass Fantasy’s . White Women are The cause Of Most of Our African American Ancestors Being Hung .Men that is.. They Love How Black Men Can Just Loose Theirselves In his Lover . & Black Men Love How White Girls Just Do Anything They Want . If They Wanna Hit & Leave for 64 hours ,they can. If they wanna see the white Girl Kiss Another White Girl. .They Can. But Now we Get To The Truth… A Black Man Has Never Had to Rape A white Woman, They were Offered Free P*ssy No strings Attached & They Took It. When The white Women Get caught They Yelled Raped Because They Didnt Want To Want To Be Killed By Their Own Race , They Didnt Want To Be Considered Low Class “Supposedly” Like us Blacks. But They Are Low Class white Trash . Honestly Speaking Black Women Have More Morals, Class, & Self Respect than White Women .Anybody Ever Noticed That Only White Women Star on The Show “Snapped” . Anybody Ever Notice That the White Man Always Had To Rape The Black Women , Because she wouldnt just Give it Up or Offer it To Him. Majority Of The “Real” Black Women Don’t Date White Men For 3 Reasons . 1. White Men Are Corny , 2. White Men Don’t Know How To Get A Black Girl sprung Because They Dont Have The Material, 3.White Men are Scared Of black women Mainly Because Were Independent & Fiesty. Since black Men can’t Run Over a black Women , They Run To White Women “The Pushover” .Because White Men Can’t Control Black Women ,They Stick To Their Women ”The Pushover” . White Women Envy Black woman & Usually Can’t Get Their Men To Keep Their Eyes Off Us, Which Is Why They Raped Us When She wasnt Around . White Women Have Long Pretty Hair ! & Black Woman Have Hair thats all that matters, We Dont Get Lites , We Dont Get Sunburns , We Naturally Get Thick While White women get surgeries . Lets Be Honest White women are Only Good For Sex & Being Soccer Moms . Black Women Are Good at everything . White Girls.. Dont Forget who Taught Yall All That yall Know.

  16. Who knows says:

    Honeslty. Whoever wrote this acrticle was definitely white. He was a 17 year old boy, what are you saying u never made mistakes when u were 17? Who knows maybe he was hungry so he went to get some skittles. Or as you say, maybe he actually did deal. But isnt that how u learn from ur mistakes? Do u think killing someone will make the world better? No. Now grow the fuck up bc the only person who is being racist is you. And guess what all of u mught ne like ohhh she is definitely black, guess what im white and idgaf about my color, your color, or his color. A 17 year old doesnt deserve being murdered bc he looks “suspicious”

  17. Incredulous says:

    This article is shameful. You’re talking about a dead kid here. Get a grip, asshole.

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